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US & International Students – non UK based

If you are a US or International student currently residing outside the UK, we want to work with you too! With soccer being the biggest sport in the world we work with players from all over the globe! With client relationships across Europe, Oceania, North and South America we are always open to work with the very best talent, so please don't hesitate to apply if this is you. Our scouting network and approach to non-UK based players does require extra layers of information upon application which enables us to tailor our scouting to each individual accordingly.

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Transfers for students currently at college in US (All Nationalities)

Having been transfer students ourselves, we know how stressful it can be to find your next college, especially if there is no support or guidance to call on. Our experience shows there is a real need to help student athletes maximise their scholarship potential when transferring college.

Transfer students are attractive to coaches for several reasons:

 You are already familiar with the US college system and understand the demands in the classroom and on the field

 Coaches can quickly assess video footage, playing stats and academic credentials

 Coaches view you as a two year scholarship, so don’t need to commit as much of their overall scholarship budget compared to four year students

Because coaches trust us to source the players they need, we are ideally placed to help transfer students. Whether you are looking to transfer from junior to 4 year college, or between 4 year colleges, we advise you to reach out as early as possible.

Simply complete the free Transfer Assessment.