Frequently Asked Questions

Adapting to College Football (Soccer)
How do football scholarships work?
Could you explain the differences between the NCAA D1 soccer conferences?
How important is it to get good grades before looking to go to college in the US as a soccer student athlete?
How many scholarships are offered each year in Mens & Womens college soccer in the US?
How does eligibility work as a college soccer athlete across NCAA,NAIA AND JUCO?
What is a typical day in the life as a college soccer athlete?
How long is the college soccer season and how do the semesters work?
How many international players go to college in US to play soccer?
What are the differences in level between NCAA, NAIA & JUCO?
What is a US college soccer scholarship and what does it cover?
What would be a good budget to have when looking at colleges in America? and how does a soccer scholarship help?