Lucy Whipp

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Lucy Whipp

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Club: Birmingham City Womens
College: St. John’s University
Major: Legal Studies
Accolades: 3.95 GPA, Dean’s list all years,  Big East All-Rookie Team, Preseason All Big East Team 2016, NCAA tournament appearance 2015

Career Highlights to Date:

FA Cup final in 2014·  
FA Cup semi final 2020·  
Playing 1st division football in England·  
Representing England 15’s to 23’s

Get to know the player

What made you choose the college you did and the major you studied?
A big factor in choosing St. John’s was its location in New York City. I’d always wanted to visit New York and having the chance to live in a big city like that for 4 years really appealed to me. The facilities, coaching staff and the opportunity to train every day also drew me to St. John’s. The chance to compete in the Big East was also exciting as you get to play really competitive games every week and you also get to travel to lots of different places within the U.S. I chose to study Legal Studies in sophomore year after taking a few classes in freshman year. I found it really interesting and wanted to study something that I actually enjoyed learning about.

The pros and cons of being a student athlete?
The best part of being a student athlete is that you get to balance your sport and your studying which is not always possible in England. Getting to train every day like a professional athlete while also having time to complete a degree was a great experience as it prepared me for a career playing soccer while also preparing me for a career after I stop playing. Another good thing is that you have the full support from the university, for example they helped me make my class timetable based around my training schedule so that I didn’t have any conflicts. The cons of being a student athlete are that you’re always busy and you have to be organised to keep on top of school work and football. Training, playing, traveling and studying can be pretty demanding and sometimes stressful but as long as you manage your time well then it is definitely manageable and I still had a lot of time for socialising and doing new things.

Advice you’d give your past self?
Take every opportunity you get. Believe in yourself and be confident. Don’t worry about things outside of your control. Don’t take things for granted.

Best Highlight/Proudest Achievement
My proudest achievement so far is representing England at U23 level. It’s always a good feeling playing for your country and competing with the best players in the world.

How being a student athlete has impacted your life today?
Being a student athlete has definitely had a positive impact on my life in many different ways. I got to train every day and improve my game which ultimately prepared me for playing professionally afterwards. It also taught me to live independently away from home for the first time and leave my comfort zone. Living in a different country and culture taught me to think for myself and to meet people from all over the world. It also gave me the chance to get a degree which I will look to use in the future.

Advice you would give to anyone thinking of becoming a student athlete?
It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that you should make the most of! It’s not always easy but it’s definitely worth it. Make sure you research the college and the soccer program before you go and make sure it’s the right fit for you, in terms of the people, the culture and the location. It’s a great chance to play soccer, study and live in a new country for four years!



Clubs Birmingham City Womens
College: St. John’s University