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SSP Head of Player Recruitment Ben Roth with USA Women's Soccer International Emily Sonnett

Ben Roth

Head of Player Recruitment

Ben Roth instagram

Ben's presence on the Soccer Student Pathway (SSP) team adds a valuable layer of expertise to our recruitment and talent identification efforts. Currently engrossed in representing professional clients within the MLS and across Europe, Ben's perspective brings a distinctive insight into what lies ahead for players eyeing a transition into the professional realms after their college journey.

Based in New York, Ben becomes an indispensable "boots on the ground" asset for our SSP clients. His comprehensive experience as a D1 student athlete at the pinnacle of collegiate competition, coupled with his Sports Management degree, enriches his role. Ben's agency background allows SSP to bridge the gap for clients, providing a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted journey from college to the professional stage.

Ben's journey is a culmination of diverse experiences. A former player at St. John's University and PDA, he's gleaned insights from multiple facets of the soccer world. His involvement with the New York Red Bulls development program as a coach, alongside his contributions as a writer for College Soccer News, showcases his commitment to both player development and the broader soccer community.

With Ben's dynamic presence, SSP clients gain not only a resourceful guide but also an advocate who's well-versed in the intricate pathways that lie ahead. His multifaceted background underlines the comprehensive approach that defines Soccer Student Pathway, ensuring aspiring athletes are well-prepared for both their collegiate and professional soccer journeys.