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SSP Head of Player Recruitment Ben Roth with USA Women's Soccer International Emily Sonnett

Mitch White

UK Scout

Mitch White Instagram

Soccer Student Pathway (SSP) thrives on a foundation of expertise and commitment, and our team members embody the values that propel us forward. It is with great enthusiasm that we introduce Mitch, a valued addition to our scouting team.

His dynamic journey and multifaceted experiences significantly enrich our scouting process and elevate our commitment to aspiring soccer talents.Mitch's affiliation with SSP is concurrent with his role as a Sports Scientist at Rangers Football Club, a testament to his dedication and passion for the sport. Simultaneously pursuing his PhD at the esteemed University of Birmingham, Mitch showcases a relentless pursuit of knowledge and excellence in both practical and academic domains.

His trajectory is marked by pivotal roles at prominent football clubs. Before joining Rangers, Mitch contributed his expertise as a Sports Scientist at Leicester City and Northampton Town Football Club. This professional journey not only underscores his commitment to player performance but also amplifies his ability to scout and nurture emerging talents through his role at SSP.

Like his fellow team members, Mitch's journey embodies the synergy of playing and studying in the US. He completed his undergraduate degree in Exercise Science at Herkimer Community College, where he clinched the National Championship in 2013. Transferring to Southern Connecticut, he continued to excel academically and athletically while also contributing as a Strength and Conditioning coach, as well as an assistant coach.

Mitch's wealth of experience enriches our scouting efforts by providing invaluable insights into maximizing the opportunities offered by the US college system. As he applies his knowledge to his current role at Rangers, he simultaneously contributes to SSP's recruitment process, ensuring that aspiring athletes receive the guidance and mentorship they deserve.

With professionals like Mitch, SSP continues to be a beacon for ambitious soccer players seeking the right path to both athletic and academic success. Through their diverse journeys, our team members inspire and guide, showcasing that the pursuit of excellence extends well beyond the field.